Nathaniel Griggs

Hello, and welcome my name is Nathaniel Griggs. I am the owner and master barber here at Berea Barbershop. My passion for cutting hair started at the age of 8. Artino Reed my cousin was the first one to gift me with my first set of clippers. I have been cutting hair professionally since 2013 when I got licensed. I started cutting hair in the shop on the eastside at a barbershop called Main Attraction, which I was there form March of 2013- July of 2013. I then moved back to Berea and started working at Berea Barbershop for the then owner Anne Mcjunkins. Only working there for six months, I bought the shop from her, at the end of 2013. I am very proud to say that I am the third African American to own a business in Berea which is a very huge blessing.

I have an extensive resume which includes cutting hair for some of our local Cleveland Browns players, as well as some of their staffing team. I specialize in haircuts for men, women, and kids, hair designs, as well as facial cuts, just to name a few.

I am more than just a barber, I love speaking to people and motivating them. I am a very non-judgmental person, and I like hearing people’s stories and understanding who they truly are. When a client leaves my chair, I want them to feel better than they did when they walked in. Here at Berea Barbershop, our moto is “need a barber, iKUT. iKUT is an acronym that I create which means Individual Knowledge and Unified Thinking, and that is our philosophy, words in which we stand and strive for.